I work exclusively with successful businesses that are looking to take things to the next level.


My Marketing Background


I started my marketing career in an agency-like setting, personally contributing to projects for industry behemoths like Samsung, Ford, and AT&T.

During my early years, I learned two surprising things that changed how I looked at marketing forever:

1) Most of the time, even "experienced" marketers have no idea what they're doing.

I worked in very successful teams that were able to get results...but they struggled to reliably replicate their success. When the pressure was on, I saw even senior marketing professionals resort to "Hail Mary" moves like mass-emailing spreadsheets of influencers and begging for tweets.

2) Marketing at big companies is no different than marketing at smaller companies.

It's easy to look at huge, world-famous corporations and think that they're impossible to compete with. But a marketing department isn't one singular organism that scales perfectly as you throw money and people into it. Every company is built out of individuals - individuals that you can outpace and outmaneuver with the right guidance.

For example: even marketers working for Google have been caught using black hat SEO techniques. Yes, the ultimate authority of SEO has been found guilty of violating its own rules. They've even had to manually penalize themselves on more than one occassion, as part of their commitment to keeping things fair.

No matter who your competitors are, there always exists a path to the top. Today, I help companies like yours reach their peak potential (and take down much larger and more established competitors in the process).

To see real examples of the concrete results I've helped my other clients achieve, take a look at my portfolio where you'll find several screenshots and mini case studies from projects I've worked on.



"Steven helped me improve my Google ranking, increase sales, generate more leads, and much, much more. Thank you!"

"We have already seen a large uptick in leads, opportunities, and close rates. We are also ranking much higher in organic rankings. We enthusiastically and highly recommend Steven!"

"Steve knows his stuff, and won't waste your time or pressure you to sign up for unnecessary retainers and garbage nonsense."

"He's a digital marketing wizard and he's always focused on how we can GROW my business."

"Steven is an SEO Rockstar. We were in desperate need of help with our website, and he delivered more than we ever could have anticipated." 


"Steven always goes above and beyond and has become one of the most valuable members of my team."

"He knows more about marketing than most of the marketing professionals I've met who have 20 years of experience or more."

"I can't imagine doing business without him."

Work with me

If you'd like to work together, the easiest way to reach me right now is to send an invitation through Upwork, here. Please keep in mind that due to the volume of email inquiries and invitations I receive, I unfortunately am unable to respond to everyone. For the best chances of a response, please personalize your message with details on what your company does, and what kind of help you need.



If you're interested in learning marketing from me, I offer a few private coaching packages. For more information, send me a message below.

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